Caring for your Jewelry


Find answers to common questions about diamond education and selection.

How do I choose the right diamond for me?

When choosing a diamond, there are a few factors you should consider, such as your budget, your personal style, and the occasion for which you are buying the diamond. You should also consider the 4Cs of a diamond.

What is the best way to care for my diamond jewelry?

To care for your diamond jewelry, you should clean it regularly with a soft cloth and warm water. You should also avoid wearing your jewelry when you are doing activities that could damage it, such as swimming, exercising, or doing yard work.

What should I do if my jewelry gets lost or stolen?

If your jewelry gets lost or stolen, you should report it to your insurance company. You should also file a police report.You should also take steps to prevent your jewelry from getting lost or stolen in the future. This includes storing your jewelry in a safe place when you are not wearing it and avoiding wearing your jewelry in crowded or dangerous areas.