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Gemstone Color Rings

Quite possibly the perfect finishing touch to an outfit that was meant to dazzle, the gemstone color ring truly makes a statement! Whether a combination of different sparkling gemstones or one big beautiful gemstone surrrounded by artistically arranged brilliant diamonds, this piece of jewelry is sure to elicit "oohs and ahhs" all around.


Fashion Gemstone Ring
SKU #: 5000067377 A stunning real emerald ring set in 18kt white gold accented with gorgeously bright diamonds. This piece is tr


Color Fashion Ring
SKU #: 5000066310 Beautiful! Turquoise ring enclosed in small brilliant cut diamonds set in 14kt yellow gold


Fashion Color Ring
SKU #: 5000066294 Sapphire and diamond ring set in 14kt white gold 


Fashion Color Ring
SKU #: 5000066119 Sapphire and diamond ring set in 14kt white gold 


Sapphire and Diamond Ring
SKU #: 5000065585 Adjustable sapphire ring with diamonds and a large center stone 


Fashion Color Ring
SKU #: 5000065378 Simple tanzanite gemstone ring with small diamonds set in 10kt white gold. 


Fashion Color Ring
SKU #: 5000065333 Beautiful pear-shaped sapphire ring with diamonds set in 18kt white gold 


Fashion Gemstone Ring
SKU #: 5000065168 Beautiful custom-made lab created emerald ring with beautiful and bright diamonds surrounding the stone. Set i

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