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Celebrating love, tradition, and fashion for over 40 years 

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Currently, under 10% of Eddie Lane's inventory is listed online - as we are updating our catalog weekly! Please call for personal concierge service with pictures, prices, and descriptions. 


This winter we are all about the classic pearl necklace. The classic pearl necklace can effortlessly elevate your look or be used as a simple and affordable accessory. Eddie Lane's carries multiple styles, colors, and lengths of pearl necklaces to accessorize almost any item of clothing. This trend is definitely here to stay. 

We are absolutely obsessed with gold and silver oversized and layered chains this year. Websites like Vogue and Forbes mention these pieces as being iconic and statement-making. Eddie Lane's is committed to finding you the perfect chain to stylize and make your own. 

A classic 90's statement piece is making a serious comeback in 2021 and seems like it's here to stay. Layering this traditional 90's piece with other thin jewelry is an awesome way to give a modern edge to this piece. Ask for pieces with a 16' or 18' length to get this desirable look.

Something that will never go out of style is simplicity. It is so important to have everyday pieces that are simple enough to avoid distraction and elegant enough that you have a hard time not getting distracted yourself. We have countless pieces like this in the showroom. 




"Eddie Lane's Diamond Showroom is an amazing jeweler with an excellent and attentive staff that has helped me find the perfect jewelry! Their showroom offers a wide variety of beautiful and current styles that suit everyone. I highly recommend this jeweler for all that it elegant place to shop, the most renowned jewelry in the greater Cincinnati area, and most importantly, it's attentive and hard-working staff that makes buying that special piece even more memorable than the last."

— Anna D.

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